Awkward Season 3B Premiere "Surprise" Spoilers

awkwardIt's time to face another 'awkward' season, shippers!

As you already know, MTV's hit series is only days away from its season 3B premiere. To whet your appetite, Zap2it has shared with us the spoilers abound on the Oct. 22nd premiere titled "Surprise", check them all out below:

  • Jenna's infidelity with Collin won't stay a secret for long. Who's the first person to discover that the one kiss is actually more? The one person who can't keep a secret to save her life. Oops?
  • Jenna's mom has tried to throw Jenna a surprise party for her birthday every single year, but for some reason, the secret always gets spoiled. Will she pull it off this year?
  • Jenna's guilt over her affair with Collin will pressure her to cancel all her birthday plans ... and that only increases as Matty continues to be the best boyfriend in the history of ever. Seriously, Jenna honey, what are you thinking?
  • Ming's got some fierce blonde locks to go along with her newly discovered Asian Mafia powers. But when she starts to abuse those powers, will her newly rekindled relationship with Fred Wu suffer?
  • Sadie, being Sadie, can tell that there's something up with Jenna and Collin. However, in trying to take Jenna down, a certain foul-mouthed teacher turns the tables and takes Sadie down in a truly epic way.

Hit the play button for a sneak peek released by MTV: