Awkward's Jillian Rose Reed Previews Season 4 -- A Big Twist Is Coming Up!

7Awkward actress Jillian Rose Reed previewed what's ahead for her character, Tamara and the rest of the gang when season 4 kicks off this Tuesday (April 15) on MTV.

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What’s Tamara’s approach to senior year?

She’s trying to be more mature and sophisticated, but the fact that there are so many things going on is making it hard for her to keep her cool. Along with the school-related stuff, she also has a relationship on the rocks. She’s trying to keep herself together, but as we’ve seen before, that’s not easy for her. In one word, I’d say her senior year is hectic.

I have some questions about Jake’s new look. First question: Why?

Well, being in a serious relationship has made Jake and Tamara really look at who they are as people and decide what they want out of life. For Jake, after losing the presidency, he doesn’t have anything to hold on to right now, as far as senior year goes. He just wants to explore himself, so he’s rocking this new haircut and giving off this scruffy-faced John Mayer kind of vibe. It’s working for him!

I’m sad to see they’re splitting, though. Will it be a heartbreaking experience, or will you keep things light?

We’re going to keep the same Awkward style, which our new showrunners are really good at – but as for Jake and Tamara, it feels pretty permanent to me. They’ve gone through so much together, and their relationship has already had its ups and downs. So for me, this feels like a permanent end. After getting over the heartbreak, Tamara’s main focus is going to be to try and remain somewhat cordial to [Jake] and hopefully remain friends.

Any rebounds or replacements in Tamara’s future?
I think she’s more focused on herself. Jake really was her first love, so she just has to let herself go through being angry and sad, and hopefully learn about herself through it all. I don’t know anything about the [second half of Season 4], so there might be a replacement down the line.

What are Tamara’s thoughts about graduating and moving on?
I think, deep down, she’s really scared. She and Jenna have been together since day one, so they’re really hoping to get into the same college. The reality, though, is that they don’t know if it’s possible. They could get into different colleges, one could not get into college at all. It’s really scary!

Speaking of Jenna, has everybody forgiven her and forgotten about Collin?
[Laughs] As much as Jenna’s friends love and support her, yes, we definitely bring it up and make fun of her a little bit.

Too bad Ming won’t get to do that. How will her absence affect the group?
It doesn’t have too much of an effect on the group. As you’ll see in the premiere, we explain her absence, and we do mention her here and there. We miss her. But Jenna and Tamara are stronger than ever, and there’s a new girl that enters the picture.

And, generally speaking, what’s the big drama this season?
Well, there’s the new girl who you’ll meet in the premiere. She befriends all of us, but there are some funny twists and turns that cause conflict and drama within the group. It’ll shake everyone up a little bit.

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