NBC cancels Kyle Killen’s Awake

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May 14, 2012

Unfortunately, Awake will not has a season 2.

NBC decided to cancel the show after only 13 episodes, which makes Kyle Killen one of the most unlucky TV show creators in the US (his previous show “Lone Star” had been cancelled after only two episodes last year). Awake only averaged 5.07 million viewers.

Will you miss Detective Britten and his two realities? Enjoy the last two episodes remaining!

  • An Angry Viewer

    what is wrong with u people seriously?! Take a minute to think about the most idiotic mistake that u have made. u have managed to cancel tooooooooooooooo many good shows yet decide to keep the stupid ones. Awake, Touch, Jane by design, Ringer, Alphas……………….. all cancelled leaving the last episode a mystery as to what will happen next but the thing is we never get to c what happens next, yet u still insist on keeping married to Jonas, keeping up with the kardashians…………….. and it is not only NBC but everything else. THINK BEFORE U ACT!!! keep the meaningful shows and cancel the shows that make people more stupid!!

  • Sara Miller

    This was one of the most intelligent, well put together shows ever. Shame on you NBC, shame on you. Not only was the show insightful the show forces you to use your creatively, unlike most TV shows these days. The sad thing is that some of the most amazing series ar cancelled.

  • Guy Wilson

    what its a good show they just need to let more people know about it, i didn’t start watching it till i saw it on netflix.

  • Debbie

    I’m shocked that there isn’t a second season. What is up with that. This show is amazing!!

  • Robby

    Hopefully Netflix will pick up these cancelled shows. They are doing great with their own content. Let your boyfriend know that the future of these great shows will the net. Cutting the cord will be a great dream.

  • Mike Wüstensohn

    what a shame ! its truly the best tv show I have watched in a long time! People don´t even give a chance for these things to take off! very sad really!!!

  • MB86

    Agree.. but reality shows cost less and make more.. take no acting skills.. and are super easy to make.. it is such a shame that its been left to the forgotten forums

  • Shalonda

    What!!!! No season two. Now the hell are they going to just leave us hanging like that. He finally wakes up to have both his wife and his son with him at the same time. I mean SERIOUSLY!!!

  • Lachlan McJord

    Awake was a fantastic take on an already condensed area of TV: crime investigation/ police dramas. Why do they always feel the need to remove programmes which actually engage viewers? TV shows shouldn’t be made just for the ratings – quality and casting should be the main focus! Why is television so overly condensed with inane Reality TV shows? God, there are intelligent people out there who would like to watch programmes which do not make them want to smash their heads against a table – not everyone has lost their braincells!

  • Rafi