Ode to Beer, By Henry Weinhard (Sponsored Video)

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October 11, 2012

First, there was Shakespeare. He brought us the classic story of forbidden love, Romeo & Juliet.

Then, there was Da Vinci. The man behind the magnificence of Mona Lisa.

But in the world of beer, there’s only one man to call — Henry Weinhard.

The legend who brought the classic American beer to its finest glory. The founder of ‘Good Beer Made Easy’, he proved himself to be more than just a successful beer maker.

Back in 1856, while enjoying himself a glass of his malted beverage, Weinhard geared up his mustache, threw in his favorite pants, grabbed a pen and paper and voila! Just like that, he translated his masterpiece into a literary work!

Presenting.. Henry’s incredible poem about the beer he loved so much. Hear it here!

Henry Weinhard was ahead of his time, no doubt about it. His “Ode to Beer,” written some time around 1856, was seen as insane by some. We personally think it’s pretty brilliant.

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