Henry Weinhard’s Beer Robot — The Legend Lives On (Sponsored Video)

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October 6, 2012

Having a party? Celebrating a new job? Or are you simply in the mood for a refreshing beer?

Pride with their years of solid experience and unflawed reputation, Weinhard’s beer is simply one of America’s classic, great-tasting beverage. Coining the phrase, ‘Good Beer Made Easy‘, Weinhard has made it his ultimate edge among others by sticking to the basics and not going over complicated.

Today, the genius behind this legendary malted beverage had drawn a solid line between good, old-classic beer versus the modern-day, vanguard enhancements in creating an impecabbly light tasting, absolutely thirst quenching brewed beer.

Take a moment and watch this effervescent clip of Henry Weinhard’s walking keg beer robot below:

Henry Weinhard dreamed big. How big? See here. In 1887, Henry Weinhard tried to fill a fountain with beer. But he had even bigger plans for the beer he dedicated his life to. And in 2012, a team of devoted fans finally brought his greatest invention to life.

At present, Weinhard’s beer has exceptionally evolved. With more products for us to enjoy, and a wider range of flavors to choose from, the legendary malt company is also offering classic food recipes that can be incorporated with their beer products. To know about the recipes, visit their website on HenryWeinhards.com.

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