Arrow : The Cast Reveals What To Expect

Arrow : The Cast Reveals What To Expect

Arrow is only hours away from it's premiere, and the cast have given fans some information on what to expect from their characters. Find out what they had to say, below.

Stephen Amell on his character Arrow/Oliver Queen himself revealed what type of vigilante he is as he stated that "He bends toward justice. And he just understands, along the way, that there can be collateral damage. He also further revealed about reports saying that he only targets the rich is that "The idea that he's going after the rich is a big misnomer. He's going after people that are not being responsible with power... More often than not, we're dealing with wealthy people. But the idea that he's simply targeting someone because of their bank statement is false."

Katie Cassedy, On Oliver's love interest Laurel Lance.  Laurel is " very strong, very tough. She comes from a middle-class family. Her father's a cop. She knows how to fight. Everything she believes in, the Arrow contradicts. But at the same time, he's trying to do the same thing she is, just in a different way... I think she is smart... She's become an attorney -- she stands for the law".
She also further provided insight into her relationship with Oliver in that "they grew up together, and they were friends first in grade school... I think it was just an innocent friendship that developed into -- obviously something with Oliver, something far more passionate. And it developed into a strong relationship. They share a lot together. And again, I think deep down she knows he has a big heart".

Collin Donnell on his character Tommy Meryln, he described some of his characters actions "There's a lot of staring at cleavage. There's some of that. There's some snide comments here and there. There's a lot of talking about all the money I have. Yeah, Tommy is kind of a douche at times".
On his friendship with Oliver.. "I think Oliver comes back with so many secrets, and Tommy definitely recognizes that. But I think Tommy also wants to believe that his best friend is back, and he just wants to pick up where the good times left off. And he's just so happy to have his best friend in the entire world back home.But I think Tommy sees a huge change in his friend, and there are little hints of him maybe seeing that other side of Oliver that Oliver desperately needs to hide".

Susanna Thompson on playing Oliver's mother Moria Queen.. " I think she's an incredibly ingenious and strong character. And also very human in many ways. And vulnerable in a lot of ways as well... There's more than meets the eye by the end of the pilot, and it just keeps growing".
Her reaction to Oliver's return.. "I know that Moira, as well as most of his community, want him to get used to and come back to his old life as quickly as possible. But there is, so far, these awakenings in Moira as well as that she needs to be realistic about this".

Last but not least, Willa Holland on playing Oliver's sister Thea Queen.. "She is definitely a strong, strong character and a strong girl that's just been misled the last couple of years and not had a proper guidance or anyone to really look up to... It's been a really harsh struggle for the last five or six years for her. I mean, losing her father, losing her brother -- and then her brother coming back. And then also her brother coming back not quite approving of the way she's acting now, because she thought she was living in his footsteps".

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