Arrow Spoilers : Who's Next On Oliver's Hit List?

Arrow Spoilers : Who's Next On Oliver's Hit List?

Check out these potentially major spoilers on just who has made Oliver's hit-list on CW's hit series Arrow. These are just speculations at the moment so don't get your hopes up to quickly.

These are the potential next targets on the hit-list.

Hannibal Bates, aka. “Everyman” , a cannibalistic shape-shifter who is able to physically duplicate after ingesting bits of physical matter.

Albert Davis A charitable multimillionaire whose wife and children were assulted and murdered. Albert takes it upon himself to summon a legion of demons to protect the city but unfortunately, things go awry.

David Drayson, aka. “Slingshot,” a “psychotic cop-killer.” His hatred for the police stemmed from the experiences in his youth, where he saw law enforcement as a force of oppression and persecution.

Isabel Rochev, aka. “The Queen” started out her life a Siberian slave girl but grew up to become an eccentric businesswoman with an unhealthy obsession with the Queen family and Queen Industries.

Source : TVEquals

Could these be Arrow's potential targets in future episodes, if so are you excited to see the characters come to life?