Arrow Spoilers: Tommy To Spill The Beans On Oliver?

Arrow Spoilers: Tommy To Spill The Beans On Oliver?

Oliver might want to watch his back, mostly those dearest to him as new Arrow spoilers have emerged of Tommy spilling Oliver's secret!

As fans will know, Oliver was forced to reveal the truth to Tommy (Colin Donnell) in order to save Tommy's father, Malcolm (John Barrowman). So what does this all mean now? Find out below.

Tommy doesn't like his friends alter-ego.."It's going to change pretty much everything," Donnell told "Really, Tommy is the only one who reacts to Oliver's news in a way that a normal human being might. Just because he's doing good things doesn't change the fact that he's doing them in a really harsh and sometimes unforgiving way."

Laurel now in the ranks to discover Oliver's secret!.. "That could happen. It's going to change the dynamic between Tommy and Laurel," Donnell says. But it will be an even bigger blow to Tommy's ego to realize that his girlfriend has inadvertently been working with her ex to clean up Starling City over the last few months. "He's going to look at that relationship in a different way. There's a little bit of jealousy; there's a little bit of fear. It changes how he views her interactions with Oliver. It's not necessarily a good thing for Tommy."

Dark Archer to gain the upper hand?.. Tommy is the son of Oliver's greatest foe, the Dark Archer. So what does this mean for Oliver? "There's an evolving relationship between Tommy and Malcolm now that they've reconciled," Donnell says, noting that it's unclear whether Malcolm will confess his true identity to his son as he nearly did before being shot. "It's a possibility, but I haven't read it in the scripts yet. I think it would be a bigger shock than finding out that Oliver is the vigilante. I don't know how happy Tommy would be."

Tommy one-step closer to becoming the Dark Archer?.."I'm letting the writers take the reins and I'm just happy to go along for the ride," Donnell says coyly.

Tommy will also be caught on the dark-side of the law after a woman is killed after partying at the club. "Tommy gets put on the defensive and it's not just from Laurel's dad, it's from Oliver too," Donnell says. "All of the sudden his best friend in the world thinks he's capable of dealing drugs and doing these bad things. It's going to throw a big wrench in the relationship. Really the only person who doesn't think that Tommy has done anything wrong is Laurel. She stands by his side the entire time."

Source: TVGuide

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Will Tommy spill the beans? Will Laurel and his father discover who Arrow truly is? And will Tommy join the dark-side?