Arrow Spoilers : Oliver Finds New Love & Laurel's Possible Future!

Arrow Spoilers : Oliver Finds New Love & Laurel's Possible Future!

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Arrow fans, new spoilers reveal some new tidbits on Oliver's love life and it does not involve Laurel!.

In coming weeks, Oliver will find some warmth in the arms of Helena Bertinelli (Jessica De Gouw) aka The Huntress.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg dishes out all the goss below.

Will we see a softer side to Oliver through the introduction of The Huntress? Does he let himself open up to her a bit?
Kreisberg: They meet through extraordinary circumstances. He's not looking to meet anyone, but he suddenly finds himself on a date with this girl, and in talking to her and getting to know her, he realizes that, in some ways, she's the only person in the world who truly understands him. Helena has a very tragic backstory as well. Helena has a whole different perspective because she's also gone through a trial by fire. She's the first person who actually asks him if he misses the island. The thought of being alone and being away from her family — her father murdered her fiancée — that actually has appeal to her. It's her unexpected response to his life experiences that Oliver finds himself intrigued [by]. He didn't even realize how lonely he was until somebody pointed it out to him. That's why he's able to let her in.

How will Laurel feel about Olivier getting close to The Huntress?
Kreisberg: In Episode 8, Oliver and Helena and Tommy (Colin Donnell) and Laurel go on a double date and it was so exciting watching the footage from that because when Helena and Laurel shake hands and meet, the fan boy in me went, "Those are the Birds of Prey!" So that's kind of exciting. There's a couple of little nods to it, but this is just the beginning. The door's open for The Huntress character to return and maybe we can play with that some more.

Speaking of Black Canary, you've had some nods, but will we actually see her slip into those fishnets by the end of Season 1?
Kreisberg: Yeah. We always say it's not going to be as soon as you want, but it's probably going to be a lot sooner than you think. That's been our mantra. You will definitely continue to see the nods to Dinah "Laurel" Lance's future persona, but I think it's going to play out in a surprising way for the audience. We're really excited about it.

Will she continue to help Arrow/Oliver, whether inadvertently or purposely?
Kreisberg: Both actually. As we get deeper into the season, the Arrow and Laurel will begin to develop something akin to a shaky partnership in some episodes and that will have emotional ramifications for all the people in their lives. For us, there's a certain reality in not having the Arrow and Laurel teaming up and fighting crime together every week. So, when we do an episode where they are "in cahoots," we want it to be special.

It does seem like she had suspected they were one and the same person. Will that still be explored?
Kreisberg: Episode 5 kind of put the kibosh in her suspecting that, but Oliver Queen has other secrets that he's been hiding for five years that will come to the surface, which will cause them plenty of problems in the latter half of the season.

Source : TVGuide

What do you make of all this new spoiler goss? Excited to see a romantic fling develop between Oliver/Arrow and Helena/The Huntress? And what do you make of Laurel's possible future? Yay or Nay?