Arrow Spoilers : Oliver & Dig's Dynamic Duo!

Arrow Spoilers : Oliver & Dig's Dynamic Duo!

Arrow's creator Andrew Kreisberg provided some spoiler tidbits on just what to expect now that Dig know's about Oliver's secret.

On the big reveal!..“We always knew early on that we wanted to give Oliver someone to talk to. We didn’t want to constantly have voiceover where he was expressing his thoughts to the audience.” Additionally, Kreisberg says that, in a way, Dig understands Oliver’s predicament better than anyone else, and his view of the young crimefighter isn’t sullied by “preconceived notions of who Oliver Queen was.”

What Dig offers to Oliver.. “They really need each other — Oliver needs someone to remind him of the value of life and that the extreme way is not the only way. And that sort of push and pull between the characters has given us so many great episodes because you get to see them not just having fun as partners but also see them wrestle with the morality of this quest they are both on.”

Dig's new found purpose.. By joining Oliver's side Dig finds a sense of Purpose. “Since he’s come back and is in personal security, he feels like he’s not making a difference in the world. So teaming up with Oliver certainly gives him the opportunity to do that,” he says.

Source: EW

Are you happy that Dig learned Oliver's secret? Are you pleased with no-more voice over? And how awesome will the duo be together?