Arrow Spoilers : More Laurel & Oliver Flashbacks!

Arrow Spoilers : More Laurel & Oliver Flashbacks!

Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) and Katie Cassidy (Laurel) of Arrow have given fans even more spoiler tidbits of the show at New York's Comic Con 2012. Check them out below.

There will be more insight into Laurel & Oliver's history... “You’ll definitely get to see more of the history between Laurel and Oliver, and where they come from,” assured Cassidy.

As for them Oliver and Laurel getting back together... Oliver will not just leave Laurel alone, no matter how much he pushed her away in the pilot.Stephen hinted that the pair might jump back into bed sooner than you would expect: "Oliver is saying he’s not very good for her but one of the things that he’s dealing with is that he’s lonely. There’s not a lot of people...excuse me, there’s nobody...for him to talk to, save us introducing a volleyball into the show. As for Laurel, he does know that he’s not good for her, but, at the same time, it would cease to be a compelling relationship if they didn’t continue to cross paths. There’s so much history there, [so] we see the two of us together."

A fight with a famous DC Character... In the seventh episode, there’s a fight scene that Amell is “very proud of” against a character that “D.C. comics fans will recognize.” “It’s another fight in my plain clothes and when I’m in my plain clothes, it has to be only me because I don’t have a hood on; you can’t hide my face,” he said. “It got a really nice reception from the crew after we shot it.”

Source : EW , TVOverMind