Arrow Spoilers : More Insight Into John Barrowman’s Character!

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October 18, 2012

As we edge closer to discovering who John Barrowman will play on Arrow, executive producer Marc Guggenheim has given some more insider scoop on just who he is playing. Here’s what he had to say.

John Barrowman will be a Change Agent!.. “The thing about John’s character is, he’s a character in the form of an inciting incident, or [rather] an inciting incident in the form of a character — he’s like a stone thrown in the pond. You see him injected into the story and there’s ripple effects throughout the entire series and each ripple is a different character on the show.

He further added that “When he interacts with one character it creates this different dynamic, when he interacts with another character it creates a completely different dynamic, so he’s like a change agent for the series.”

Source : Seriable , THR

So just who will John play? Will he be Oliver’s side or be the force against him?