Arrow Spoilers : Deadshot To Return!

Arrow Spoilers : Deadshot To Return!

In Arrow spoiler news, we have learned that Deadshot is not dead after-all!

Deadshot (Michael Rowe) is set to return during recently revealed episode 16 "Dead to Rights," in which he and Ollie will face-off once more.

Diggle (David Ramsey) will also be facing off with Deadshot in episodes to come after learning previously that his brother was killed by Deadshot, based on the tattoo of his name on Deadshot's body.

"We see Diggle becoming very vulnerable and really dealing with feelings of revenge," Ramsey told "He has a certain amount of guilt for his brother's death. His revenge quest and avenging his brother's death will play out. Some of those very things he's warned Oliver about, Diggle will have to deal with."

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Are you happy or annoyed that Deadshot is making a come-back? And will Diggle defeat him this time around?