Arrow Spoilers : Ben Browder Joins The Cast

Arrow Spoilers : Ben Browder Joins The Cast

Arrow has cast yet another new member to it's ever growing-list of guest stars.

This time, Ben Browder (Stargate) has been cast as a character named Ted Gaynor who first appeared in Blackhawke comics from DC in the 1980?s.

Here’s a description of just who Ted is, Gaynor is Diggle’s commanding officer from his first tour in Afghanistan, who now works as a bodyguard for Blackhawk Squad Protection Group in Starling City. As a series of armored truck robberies strike the city, Gaynor proves to be a polarizing figure between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey).

Ben will be first seen in Episode 11, “Trust But Verify.” which should air early next year.

Source : IGN

Are you looking forward to seeing this Stargate star appear on the show? And who is Gaynor?