Arrow Spoilers : All Characters Are Connected To Oliver!

Arrow Spoilers : All Characters Are Connected To Oliver!

Executive producers of Arrow have dished out some more spoilers on there new hit show, they have revealed that all characters on the show share a connection with Oliver.

On China White, Deadshot and The Huntress;s connection to Oliver... "The Huntress was chosen because of the emotional resonance she has with Oliver Queen. That’s why I like all of the characters that are in the show. They all are connected to him, in some way."

These characters will all be manifestations or reflections of Oliver, It should help knit the character stories together, further promote Oliver’s internal and external conflicts and make even the serial-lite episodes more relevant.

Marc Guggenheim also further added that "One of the things we strive to do, and it’s hard so I’m not going to say we succeed with everybody episode, is to have the flashbacks not only tell this continuing story, but speak to the present-day story. So, the thing that Oliver is dealing with on the island has some either direct parallel or thematic parallel to what’s going on in the present-day story of the episode."

Guggenheim also dished out some information on John Barrowman's (Torchwood) secret character in that "Whenever I see the dailies with him, the word that literally always comes to my mind is, “Magnetic.” He is incredibly magnetic, and incredibly charming. I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen Torchwood and, not having seen him in Torchwood, I’m like, “This guy’s unbelievable!” I come to his performance, on my own terms. He lights up the screen and he really energizes the actors that he has scenes with."

Source: Seriable , Collider

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