Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Villains, Roy's Struggle, Olicity & Suicide Squad Scoop!

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Villains, Roy's Struggle, Olicity & Suicide Squad Scoop!

Heir to the Demon
A few new spoilers on Arrow season 2 have emerged on all things villains, Olicity and more! Get all the scoop below.

Ra's al Ghul's daughter Nyssa.. "The way Nyssa comes into the story is in a far more provocative and surprising way than the last round," Kreisberg hinted.This iteration of Nyssa has a slight hint of a British accent and a deep connection to Sara. "Everything about her is wide open," Law said of her stunt-heavy role.

Villains galore.. Kreisberg said that the next batch of episodes, kicking off Feb. 26 after a short break, are villain-centric ("villains a go-go," as he endearingly termed it). "It's just villain, villain, villain, great big villains, one after the other," Kreisberg said, hinting that some will be "returning favorites and a couple of amazing brand-new ones."

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim added that episodes 14 through 18 "are very much the villains' chapter and it builds" to episode 18, which he promised is Arrow's "big mid-midseason cliffhanger, if you will."

Roy.. Roy will still be struggling with his powers the next time viewers catch up with him. "The next five episodes really chart Oliver's attempts to keep Roy on the straight and narrow," Kreisberg said. Roy's interactions with the other members of Team Arrow will be unfurled in future episodes. "The cave's getting full," Kreisberg said with a laugh, "and we don't shy away from the fact and we're hopefully using that to our advantage."

Isabel back? [She] will make a return appearance in the 18th episode of the season. "We'll find out what she's been up to," Guggenheim revealed.

The Huntress and "Birds Of Prey": When the Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) returns, "Helena is gone, all that's left is the Huntress," Kreisberg teased. "She's become consumed by this vengeance for her father and when we see her she's in a very haggard and worn-out state. It's the big final confrontation between her and her father, and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) gets in the crossfire, and the Canary has to go into the rescue."

Suicide Squad arrive.. Producers revealed that the 16th episode, airing March 19, will be titled "Suicide Squad." And will revolve around the Suicide Squad. The episode will see Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) return, with her recruiting Diggle for a mission, and she "saddles him with the Suicide Squad, including Floyd Lawton (Michael Rowe)," Kreisberg revealed. There will be Diggle-centric flashbacks during his time in Afghanistan with then-friend Ted Gaynor (Ben Browder).

Finally, Olicity? Felicity will be forced to make a tough decision in this Wednesday’s episode — and it has the potential to damage her relationship with Ollie. Also, fans of Ms. Smoak something for which you’ve been clamoring is about to happen (hint: *a****o**.)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TVLine

Which villain you most looking forward to seeing on the show? What could be the big Felcity moment fans have been waiting for? And are you looking forward to seeing The Suicide Squad?

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.