Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: The Flash to get his own Pilot!

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: The Flash to get his own Pilot!

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New spoilers for Arrow season 2 have revealed a change in the The Flash pilot episode, get all the details below.

Grant Gustin is still set to appear in the December 4 and 11 episodes of Arrow, but plans for the 20th episode of Arrow Season 2 to be a “backdoor pilot” for a Flash series, directed by David Nutter, has now changed.

The Flash will now get a full pilot episode of his own as The CW saw cuts of Episodes 8 and 9, which have been very well received and made the decision to make it a stand-a-lone pilot.

Filming a stand-alone Flash pilot would allow the creators to better flesh out the superhero’s story and his world on a bigger budget, as pilot budgets are significantly higher than episodic ones. While no longer a full-blown spinoff, The Flash still will be tethered to the Arrow universe since the the character (as Barry Allen) will first be introduced there. In light of the pilot order, it is unclear whether Episode 20 of Arrow will feature the Flash or any reference to him. The Arrow producers are expected to discuss their ideas for the episode with the CW this coming week.

Source: Deadline

Are you happy with this news? Or would you prefer they did the pilot alongside Arrow?