Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Stephen Amell On His New-Self, Laurel and Company Drama!

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Stephen Amell On His New-Self, Laurel and Company Drama!

Stephen Amell has recently dished some new spoilers on Arrow, season 2. Check out what he had to say on his new-self, his relationship with Laurel and his new company drama below!

The new arrow.. "It's one thing to say, it's another thing to actually put it in action. It creates a whole new set of problems when you're trying to have a secret identity and clean up the streets. How do you stop someone if you're not going to kill them if that's all he's known? It creates a whole new subset of problems for us on the show because these people that Oliver interacts with come out the other side alive and thus can talk" revealed Amell.

The city's trust.. "He doesn't care what people [think] about him. He says in Episode 2 that he's being taken to task about the fact that no one is ever going to think he's a hero. He says very simply, "As long as the city is safe, it doesn't matter." In the early episodes, he's not interested in public opinion. Towards the latter half of the season, public opinion is going to become a focal point. It's not really something that we've ever addressed. Last year, in Episode 9, we very briefly mentioned public support for the vigilante, but have not done that since then". Amell further added that "Once we get around to talking about it, that will be a critical element to the rest of this season and probably through several seasons going forward because we are moving towards the vigilante being seen in more of a public light, which I'm very excited for".

Laurel & Oliver's new relationship dynamic.. "Their relationship is certainly in a much more honest place than it's ever been. There are going to be some factors that begin to complicate that as we move through the season". Amell further dished that "But with Arrow and Laurel, she's so venomous against him that part of it feels like it has to be misdirected slightly. It has to be about something else, which we are going to address in short order on the show. I love the scene between Katie and I when we're at Tommy's grave and we see her declare war on the vigilante".

Arrow & Roy?.. "He probably thinks that he's more a part of the team than he is. Stuff is happening with the Roy Harper character. One of the things that I like about our show is we know that we have a plan for a lot of characters, but the writers aren't afraid to let the plan percolate for a little while. Not everything has to happen right away, so Roy is just waiting in the wings, but when his involvement with Team Arrow starts to become more and more dynamic, he'll be ready".

The Flash.. "We're in the middle of Episode 9, but Episode 8 is in the books" revealed Amell adding that "People are really going to enjoy that character, and I can see why [executive producers] Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg were so interested in having this character stand on its own and become its own show. He's a very different character and it's a cool dynamic to have in these two episodes. I'm very impressed". He also went on to talk about the realism of his character, saying "t might be different than most people would expect" once superpowers are introduced into the show.

Company drama.. "His the face of the Queen family and he really is the CEO of Queen Consolidated without any formal business training whatsoever. It's a whole new set of problems because he's out of his depth. Saving the company is really important to him. We see him struggle with that". Amell went on to talk villains saying "I've read a lot of places saying Isabel Rochev is a villain, but I certainly haven't seen that yet. The way they've designed the character is that she is trying to actually save the company. This is what she does. He is continually proving to be irresponsible in her eyes because she doesn't know that being CEO isn't the only job that he has. It's creating tension between the two of us".

Source: TVGuide

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Will Oliver follow through with his "new-self? Is Oliver's relationship with Laurel at risk and will Roy ever join Team Arrow?