Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Sara Flashbacks, Black Canary's True Alliance & Sara and Oliver Romance?

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Sara Flashbacks, Black Canary's True Alliance & Sara and Oliver Romance?

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A recent interview with Caity Lotz (who plays Sara) has revealed a brand new batch of spoilers for Arrow season 2. Find out what she had to say below!

Sara Flashbacks?.. "Yes. We’ll definitely get to learn more about where she came from, what happened and what happened with her and Oliver." revealed Caity.

Will Sara see her family again? "I see it happening. I don’t know when it will happen, but it’s definitely something we’re going to have to look forward to because it will change their world and all the troubles they’ve been dealing with."

Lotz further added "She’s pretty against it. She’s afraid for their safety, and she doesn’t feel like she deserves their love, because of who she became," Lotz explains. That said, don’t rule out some close calls, or more, just yet. Teases the actress, “You’ll just have to watch and find out!".

Will Sara be on again with Oliver?.. "They have a lot of sh– in their past. It’s not like they would have some kind of clean slate. I think they both really care for Laurel, and I don’t know if that would happen. It’s so complicated between them. Even today I think with their past it’s very complicated."

Sara's stance on men not hurting women?.. "The one thing that I love about the show is the way that the writers weave everything in. Since it’s not linear, you get little plot points, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg and then you go deeper and you come back up. It’s complicated the way they weave it, but it makes it so entertaining, so it does touch on it a little bit, but I think that’s something we’re going to get into more in future episodes."

Finally, The Black Canary.. good or bad? "The last episode wasn’t about them coming together like, “Oh now we’re partners,” it was more they had a common enemy and Canary needed something to happen to somebody who hurt someone so close to her and who was hurting the city. So I wouldn’t say that they’re partners now. Sara has a lot of stuff that she needs to still deal with before she could just settle into being a super hero".

Source: EW, TVLine

Will the Lance's find out about Sara? Will Oliver and Sara get together? And will The Black Canary turn to the dark side?