Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Roy's Superhero Alter-Ego?, Flash & Felicity's Family?

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Roy's Superhero Alter-Ego?, Flash & Felicity's Family?

More spoilers on Arrow, season 2 have come to the surface via numerous interviews! Get up to speed below with our compilation of the new spoilers out there.

Flash in episode 20? "After it was decided that the Flash pilot would stand alone — rather than being part of the 20th episode of the season — plans had to change" said Marc Guggenheim. But the official plan is still in the works. “We’ve had a lot of afferent internal discussions of how episode 20 basically becoming an Arrow episode instead of a backdoor pilot could operate in terms of the connection to Barry. But we haven’t come to a decision yet, so we’re not ready to talk about it yet,” he said.

Roy to be Red Arrow or Speedy? Colton Haynes (who plays Roy) revealed that “Well, the conversations with Greg [Berlanti] start off with “Hey, can you give me an update on if I’m going to be Red Arrow, Arsenal, or Speedy?” And he says, “Hey, I’m not going to tell you.” So that’s pretty much how they start.” He added, “I do continue to wear a lot of red hoodies, and you’d think I would become Red Arrow, but I still, I can’t, like I’ve tried bribery. I’ve tried so many things. And they won’t tell me.”

He further teased that we would be finding out a really big big piece of information in episode 12 and that it was going to be “really shocking.”

Roy and Oliver.. Haynes told that "You’ll see a lot more terrible interactions between the two very soon". He also teased that Roy “forms a kind of a mini team with a few characters to finally find out who the Arrow is so they can try and start getting getting revenge.”

Oliver's black eye.. Marc revealed "It’s such a brutal encounter that the producers decided Oliver will sport the shiner for a while" further adding that “I was telling Stephen we really haven’t seen the last of that black eye. On this show, particularly Oliver, [characters] tend to get hurt and within an episode’s time they’re fully healed. That black eye in particular is not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Sebastian Blood.. “Episode 11 I would say is really Sebastian’s episode to shine. And I would say there is a moment in episode 11 that feels somewhat confrontational. But I will say, Oliver’s not the only member of the Queen family that Sebastian is going to have a confrontation with.”

Felicity's Family? Emily Bett Rickards provided some scoop stating "I didn’t get a whole lot, but yes, I have heard a few things about her family that will probably arise within the end of the second season".

Source: EW, TVEquals

Who do you think Roy's superhero alter-ego will be? And what's up with Oliver's black eye?