Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Oliver Jealous Over Felicity & The Flash? Plus, Is The Mayor Sticking Around?

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November 1, 2013

A recent interview with Emily Bett Rickards (aka Felicity) has revealed some juicy new Olicity spoilers, see what she had to say below.

“[Oliver] is a very stubborn individual. He’s got very hard lines, very hard boundaries and a lot of things are in black and white, and that’s what Felicity and Diggle do for the team is they create perspective, as they all do for each other. And yeah, we get The Flash to come in, which is really, really fun, and he’s flirty and Felicity and him hit it off really well, and we see that the passion sort of escalates in a really honest way between how Oliver reacts to that”.

Emily further added that “I think is a pretty honest representation of how those situations are really always uncomfortable and they make you feel distraught and completely “Why am I feeling this way?” That sort of thing. And we get to see them have a little bit of a fight, her and Oliver, so that’s always fun”.

Also on new villain The Mayor, Emily dished out that “We’ll get to see him again. And he has really strong beliefs and nothing will get it the way of it. Nothing. So there will be blood, because nothing will get in the way of his beliefs. There will be blood. Blood, blood, blood”.

Source: EW

Will Oliver want in on Felicity after seeing The Flash chase her up? And will The Mayor become a recurring villain?