Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: New Love Interest For Oliver Being Cast!

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June 15, 2013

Arrow season 2 is a long way away until it hits our screens, but spoilers have emerged for casting already!

A new major recurring character/possible series regular for Season 2 has been cast.

The new character is a she called Lisa. She has been described to be a mysterious woman with a tragic past who will wreak havoc on Oliver’s heart and is equal to Oliver in every way.

Source: SpoilerTV

Sound interesting? Do you prefer Oliver with Laurel or are you all for a new lady in his life?

  • tiffany

    new lady pls :)

  • marie laberge

    I prefer him with Felicity :(

  • Elena

    I don’t like Laurel so much..But I don’t want a new “love” either..I like Felicity the most!! lol

  • Helly

    I prefer Laurel, I mean, she will be Black Canary someday in the future and I really like them both together.

  • Mary

    Laurel still loves Tommy especially now that he saved her.

  • Péter Pál

    Yeah,I think maybe that “Lisa” will be Black Canary

  • TheAppleFour

    Laurel all the way