Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: New Laurel Relationship?, Family Drama & Flash Pilot!

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: New Laurel Relationship?, Family Drama & Flash Pilot!

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New Arrow, season 2 spoilers have emerged via a recent interview with Stephen Amell (Arrow). See what he had to say on all things Laurel, The Queen Family and the highly anticipated Flash spin-off pilot below!

New relationship with Laurel? "We are really continuing to tell [Laurel's] story in [episodes] 12, 13, and 14. It culminates in 14 in a scene between Oliver and Laurel that, for me, I think — I reserve to change my mind — it might be my most favorite scene we’ve ever shot on the show. It’s a new kind of scene for Oliver and Katie was fantastic in it. I can’t wait for people to see it". Amell further answered wether or not it will be romantic one responding that it's "Just new. Let’s call it new and leave it at that".

Queen Drama.. "It’s really about to get, actually, quite bad. We don’t focus on it as much in episode 12, but it is in the forefront in the remainder of the season" Amell answered, further adding that "In episode 13, things take a turn and we continue to explore that storyline. I was very very proud of this string of episodes we have coming up. I think they are exceptional. We are unearthing some things in these episodes that I think people are anticipating that they will be paid off at the end of the season. And we are just ripping them off right now, which is the style of our show".

Flash pilot, will Oliver appear? "I haven’t even read the Flash pilot. I can’t even get myself a copy of the Flash pilot. It’s my understanding that they are minted and watermarked and the pages are red. I’d just like to read it! But whether or not I’m involved, I’m very excited for Grant".

Source: EW

Will Oliver and Laurel get back together? If so, do you even want them too?