Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: First Look at New Lair!

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: First Look at New Lair!

EW has served Arrow fans new spoilers by giving them a sneak peek at the new Oliver lair! Take a peak at it below and see what Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim said about the upcoming season!

arrows2lair(Click for full-size)

Marc Guggenheim said the new lair won’t be too sci-fi and that things will remain realistic. “This remains true to the dark, grungy aesthetic of the lair,” he said.

Guggenheim continued by dishing on the new season's direction “The first four episodes are basically a statement that nothing could be further from the truth.” Oliver’s arsenal will become a bit more high-tech, and Guggenheim says that Season 2 is about “how does he go from vigilante to hero?”

“There’s a feeling of evolution,” Guggenheim said. “We really want Arrow Season 2 to feel like a sequel.”

Source: GreenArrowTV