Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Colton Haynes dishes on Roy and his relationship with Thea

Arrow Season 2 Spoilers: Colton Haynes dishes on Roy and his relationship with Thea

Colton Haynes aka Roy Harper has dished some new spoilers on his Arrow character in season 2! Check out what he had to say below.

Roy's future..Haynes stated that he thinks, "Roy will have to go through a little gamut, he's going to have to go through a lot to experience the level that Oliver has because he was fighting for his life for five years. I'm thinking Roy's going to have to be beatdown a lot before he gets built back up." In terms of the three different costumed personas of Roy Harper, there's Speedy, Arsenal and Red Arrow. Of the three, it's the Arsenal monicker that undergoes the most mental and physical trauma.

Roy and Thea.. There's a lot of heartbreak and also some unexpected events put a kink in their relationship. " Continuing on with the line of thought that Roy will adopt the Arsenal monicker and the comic book backstory that comes along with it, one of the standout storylines of the character features a run-in with the criminal femme fatale Cheshire which results in a child. That would certainly put a kink in the relationship between Thea and Roy. Then again, that would be a lot of ground to cover in a single season, unless Roy's previously hinted at 'gangbanging past' includes baby mama drama with Cheshire.

More DC characters.. "You're going to see a lot of [DC] comic book character that people love coming into the world of Arrow," Colton said of Season 2.

Source: ComicBookMovie

Do you hope it's all smooth sailing for Thea and Roy? And which direction do you want to see Roy head towards?