Arrow Season 2 Return Spoilers: New Big Villain, Flash Pilot, Roy's Dark Path, Olicity & More!

Arrow Season 2 Return Spoilers: New Big Villain, Flash Pilot, Roy's Dark Path, Olicity & More!

Three Ghosts
Spoilers for the return of Arrow, season 2 have surfaced.. make sure you've seen the midseason final before reading this!

Slade's dark new-self.. Executive Producer Greg Berlanti revealed "the driving force of the second half of the season will be whether they come face-to-face in the present, but their flashbacks will still be fraught with tension. "Things don't get better between them on the island," Berlanti said.

Flash pilot.. Episode 20 will now no longer serve as a backdoor pilot, the actual pilot will see the introduction of the Flash's suit. "Barry's love of the hero is going to play a part in the creation of his persona," Andrew Kreisberg revealed. Still, Barry Allen's presence will be felt for the rest of Season 2 on Arrow. "In the back half of the year, you hear about what happened to him in the way that you're hearing now about Star Labs and things like that, in the periphery and certainly in terms of Felicity since she has a connection with him," Berlanti said.

Olicity.. “In Episode 10, the fallout [of the midseason finale] carries over into the next episodes as far as the Oliver/Felicity relationship is concerned,” reveals Kreisberg. “Barry has had a profound effect on them, and that will carry through.” Kreisberg also admitted that “Oliver isn’t quite sure what he feels. He knows he feels something for her, but can’t quite define it. He’s surprised in this episode when Dig points out to him that what [he's] feeling right now might actually be termed jealousy.”

Roy grows.. Kreisberg dished "What's fun for us as writers is we see what Roy's potential is to go down that dark path, too. One of the things you'll find out as you go along is it's a deep-seeded anger inside of you that lets you survive the Mirakuru transformation. It's something Slade had, which is why he lived and it's why Roy lived too. One of the fun things that will be happening in the back half of the year is his relationship with the Arrow and how that changes and how the Arrow basically makes it his mission to not let Roy go down the Slade path."

Tommy's ghost.. "It really fit with the season's arc of Oliver's journey of going from vigilante to hero and the person that he feels like he failed. For Tommy to forgive him and tell him to get up and fight, just even talking about it, I get chills." Kreisberg said there is always a chance to see Tommy make another appearance on the show via flashback.

Arrow's new mask.. Kreisberg talked on the issue, saying "He thought he was going to be this dark sniper firing arrows from the shadows. As the series has progressed and he stepped more and more into the light ... he's really needed that. It seemed perfect in this season that he'd need it and that Barry is the one that ultimately makes it for him."

Source: TVGuide, TVLine

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