Season 2 Episode 3 Broken Dolls

Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 "Broken Dolls": Oliver saved by someone? And Roy's New Mission Drama!

Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 "Broken Dolls": Oliver saved by someone? And Roy's New Mission Drama!

Spoilers continue to surface for this week's jam-packed episode of Arrow titled "Broken Dolls". See what Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes and executive producer Marc Guggenheim have had to say about the episode.

Oliver saved from prison?..After last week's Laurel trapping Oliver cliffhanger, Stephen Amell (Oliver/Arrow) has revealed that "He doesn't get out of it, he lowers his bow," but won't go to prison as executive producer Marc Guggenheim stated that "He gets out of the situation with some very unlikely assistance".

Roy and Oliver's complicated team up.. Colton Haynes revealed just what Roy thinks of his little side-mission with Arrow saying it "really starts pissing Roy off, He's thinking he's going to team up with him right away, but he's just feeding him information here and there. Throughout the season, Roy starts to get a little irritated for that and fed up, so he might be looking on his own for other clues behind Arrow's back".

Colton added that "He will definitely get training from the Hood, but whether or not Roy is going to be able to do the things Oliver has done right away is going to be tricky".

Roy, Thea and Sin relationship drama? Roy will turn to Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) in order to track down the Canary, which his girlfriend Thea (Willa Holland) won't be too pleased about. "Sin is someone from Roy's past," Colton dishes. "She comes back and starts a little trouble between Roy and Thea. Thea might feel a little bit threatened by her because she's a little bada--. Roy wants to help out people from his past and that might cause him to go a little bit down the dark side, even if Thea doesn't agree with it."

On breaking Thea's promise.. "I don't think Roy can try to help out the Hood without having physical signs of getting into fights," Colton says. "She starts to realize it. He gave her an ultimatum and he blatantly lied. Thea is going to understand that the city is really going to need more help than just from the Hood. It's going to take a little more than the vigilante to unmask the overall plots that are unfolding."

Will Roy suit up? Haynes laughed saying "I have been hearing a little bit of talk about possibly suiting up."

Arrow airs on Wednesday at 8pm on The CW.

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Who will bail Oliver out of prison? Will Roy earn his place on 'Team Arrow? And will Sin destroy Roy & Thea's relationship?