Arrow Season 2 Casting Spoilers: Amanda Waller Gets Cast!

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September 5, 2013

In previous spoiler-news it was revealed that Amanda Waller would appear in Arrow’s upcoming second season. We now know just who will play her, full details below!

Spartacus and The Vampire Diaries Cynthia Addai-Robinson has been given the role of the DC Comics villain.

Amanda Waller’s character is described to work for A.R.G.U.S. — Advanced Research Group United Support — a clandestine agency that has a mysterious agenda and possesses key information about the Arrow.

In the comics, Waller runs the Suicide Squad, which will be introduced in Season 2 as Deadshot (Michael Rowe) teams up with Bronze Tiger, who will be played by Michael Jai White.

Source: TVGuide

Cynthia will first appear as Amanda Waller in the sixth episode of the season.. So stay tuned!

Do you agree with the casting choice? And will Amanda eventually lead the Suicide Squad on Arrow?