Arrow Season 1 Set Visit: Interview with Colin Donn!

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October 1, 2012

Arrow is just around the corner till it airs on Wednesday, October 10th and Colin Dunn, who plays Tommy Merlyn.. the best friend of Oliver Queen (Arrow) managed to give some dirt on what the show has in store.

  • On his character…  “Oliver comes back with so many secrets, and Tommy definitely recognizes that, but I think Tommy also wants to believe that his best friend is back,” Colin explains. “He just wants to pick up where the good times left off. He’s just so happy to have his best friend in the entire world home.” Tommy is also hiding some things from Oliver, as there have been some connections made – on multiple occasions – during the time Oliver was gone, as old friends took solace within one another to mourn their old friend. “We’ll see how that goes,” Colin teases.
  • Oliver’s Secret…Colin also hints that another character from the show will learn Oliver’s secret “very soon,” but refuses to spoil the “who” of it all. He does confirm that Tommy can tell that Oliver has changed. “Tommy sees a huge change in his friend, and there’s little hints as to maybe him seeing that other side of Oliver that Oliver desperately needs to hide,” he says. “That’s something in the coming episodes that they address again and again; this feeling of ‘why won’t you just let me in?’ Same with Thea and Oliver, and his mom, and everything. Everybody is struggling with trying to find a way past this shell that he’s put up around him.”
  • Tommy’s Relationship with Thea.. Thea, who is Oliver’s younger sister, might see a kinship in Tommy. “Aside from when I point out the fact that she’s gotten really hot in the past five years, Tommy looks at Thea as a little sister. They grew up together in the same way that she and her brother did. There is some really interesting stuff,” he says. “I think people are going to enjoy seeing the relationship develop between the two of them, in one way or another.”
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