Arrow PaleyFest Spoilers : The Future Of Arrow, More Slade, Colton's Renewal and Black Canary!

Arrow PaleyFest Spoilers : The Future Of Arrow, More Slade, Colton's Renewal and Black Canary!

Arrow - PaleyFest
The Arrow panel dished out some new spoilers on what's ahead at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, as part of the 2013 PaleyFest. Check out what executive producers, Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti had to say about some hot Arrow topics below.

Colton Haynes season 2 renewal uncertain.. Guggenheim stated "I hope so, [but] it’s pilot season. That’s the thing, so a lot of it depends on stuff that’s out of our control at the moment. But, look. We love Colton. We would love for him to be on the show as much as he wants to be on the show." He also added just when we will see him as Roy again "Episode 18 is the next episode you’ll see him in. Colton is wonderful, and his scenes with Thea are just terrific. Willa and Colton, on screen together, is a lot of fun, and they’re fun to write."

What to expect in the final-half of the season.. Episode 18 will explain a lot. I think Episode 18 is well-positioned, because it sets up everything that we’re headed [toward] in the finale, but it also draws on the seeds that we’ve planted back in Episode 2 and 3. You’ll get to see how everything connects together. All those little things that we’ve been throwing out there that may have seemed random, or unintentional… they always had a plan and a rationale behind them. For me, the fun stuff is paying off… I’ll say [this]: Unidac Industries is not just a random presence, and that was something that we introduced in the San Diego Comic Con comic. It was first mentioned in Episode 3, but it’s very important in the overall mythology of the show."

More Slade!.. "Definitely. We love Slade, we love Manu Bennett. You’ll see him; he plays a huge part in the mythology of the island, and just like in the present day, we’re driving to a big finale on the island as well. The flashbacks will have their own sort of season finale storyline."

Doctor Who Reunion? Now that both Alex Kingston (Laurel's Mum) and John Barrowman (Tommy's Dad) are on the show, Marc dished if they would be sharing any scenes together.. "Unfortunately, probably not. Not unless we change things pretty unexpectedly. We tried figuring out ways to get them together, because of the Doctor Who connection. We really, really wanted to, but there’s no point in doing it, unless it’s going to be satisfying for the audience and work for the show. We don’t want to force something just to force it, or do it just to be stunt-y. I wish I could say yeah, but, unfortunately, no."

Home Invasion episode to actually involve a real one?.. "I don’t want to spoil it, but the idea for this episode was something we’ve been keeping in our back pocket ever since we got picked up to series. I don’t know how to tease it without spoiling it, but let me say this: If you think about it, the title spoils a lot."

Laurel Will Become Black Canary.. "Yes, Laurel will turn into Black Canary", Guggenheim assured, "but the evolution must be earned," he said: “We don’t want to disservice Laurel or Oliver by saying she could have a bad day, put on fishnets and start killing people.”

Sara Alive?.. "Whenever a body doesn’t wash up on shore after a boating accident, there is always a chance the person will pop up alive at some point". Greg Berlanti explained that they wanted to get to the issue of whether Sara is alive this season. But Cassidy worried, “As if Laurel doesn’t have it hard enough!” After she learned that Sara may be alive, Cassidy had a hard time wrapping her head around it after everything Laurel has gone through.

The return of her mother, Dinah, disrupts life even more. “Her mother kind of challenges her father and the dynamic within the family,” said Cassidy. She also suspects that her mother has more information than we currently know.

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Are you excited for the final half of Arrow from these new spoilers? Do you hope Colton gets renewed for a second season? Are you excited in seeing Laurel become The Black Canary? And is Sara actually alive?