Arrow Episode 9 “Year’s End” Extended Promo

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December 6, 2012

Check out this extended promo for Arrow, episode 9 “Year’s End”.

  • WadeWWilson87

    Every episode seems to get better and better. I’m amazed
    with the slew of DC Universe characters that’s already made it to the show, and
    we’re not even done with season one yet. I know a few of my friends that work
    with me at DISH really like The Huntress, but I’m looking forward to Shado
    making her way to Starling City; she should prove to be much more of a dilemma for
    Oliver. With how great the show is, I’m saving this entire first season to my
    DISH Hopper. Its 2TB hard drive allows me to finally save everything I’m even
    remotely interested in, along with a full season when I want to—my last DVR
    would’ve been out of memory already, with how big this TV lineup is. Cheers to
    CW landing another hit to accompany Supernatural.