Arrow Episode 6 “Legacies” Sneak Peek #2

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November 12, 2012

Enjoy this second sneak peek for Arrow, episode 6 “Legacies”.

  • WadeWWilson87

    Arrow became my favorite new show when the pilot premiered. I
    know some of my friends that work with me at DISH won’t watch because Hartley
    didn’t land the Arrow role, but I think Amell is a good fit. With how many
    characters are appearing on the show and all of the solid moments, I’m saving this
    entire season to my DISH Hopper for the days I feel nostalgic. It’s nice to
    have a DVR with enough recording space that lets me save everything I want to;
    especially with how many new shows have popped up and piqued my interest. Cheers
    to the CW landing another hit.