Season 1 Episode 6 Legacies

Arrow Episode 6 "Legacies" Guide

Arrow Episode 6 "Legacies" Guide

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Check out the official guide for Arrow, episode 6 "Legacies". The episode is schedules to air November 14th.


  • A gang of bank robbers, dubbed The Royal Flush Gang, hits a local bank and seriously wounds an off-duty police officer during a heist.
  • Diggle (David Ramsey) tells Oliver (Stephen Amell) he needs to deviate from his father's list and start helping the citizens of Starling City.
  • Meanwhile, Tommy (Colin Donnell) asks Thea (Willa Holland) for relationship advice, but things get awkward when she realizes he was asking about Laurel (Katie Cassidy).
  • Moira (Susanna Thompson) confronts Oliver about all of his recent disappearances in the middle of family functions.

Source: CW

Judging from these new spoiler tidbits, are you excited for this episode ? Are you looking forward to seeing Arrow's adaption of The Royal Flush Gang? Will Thea fall in love with Tommy? And will Moira discover Oliver's secret?