Arrow Episode 3 “Lone Gunmen” Spoilers : More Island Flashbacks, Thea’s Rebellious Side & More!

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October 23, 2012

Check out these spoiler tidbits for this week’s episode of Arrow, episode 3 “Lone Gunmen”.

Destiny!.. One major character does something huge in which further foreshadows their iconic fate.

More Island Flashbacks.. We see more of what happened on the island, including more details about that green-hooded man on the island at the end of Episode Two.

More DC Universe References.. There will be reference to a famous DC Universe country as well as the name of another one of the best Green Arrow comics artists.

Thea’s Rebellious Side.. We get more of Thea’s rebellion, but we also see how the other characters respond to her a bit more.

More Of The Love Triangle.. Episode 3 will continue to explore the love triangle that is Tommy/Laurel & Oliver.

Introduction To Deadshot.. As stated previously, this is where fans will meet Arrow’s carnation of Deadshot..

Source: GreenArrowTV

Are you excited to learn more about the island and Thea’s rebellious side? And just which major player takes the first step into there iconic fate?

The episode airs this Wednesday, 24th October.