Arrow Episode 20 “Home Invasion” Photos: Deadshot Gets A Make-Over

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April 11, 2013

The official spoiler-ific photos for Arrow, episode 20 “Home Invasion” have emerged. Check them out below!

Source: CW

Arrow returns with this brand-spanking new episode on Wednesday, April 24.

Check out the official guide for more spoilers on the episode here.

  • smh

    Are you fking kidding me? How many mid season layoffs are you gonna have?? This is ridiculous, I’m done with this show by the time you bring out the next episode we will have forgotten what happen on the last episode to lead up to this smh. Youve definitely lost 5 households with this move. Good luck keeping those ratings up.

  • Helly Carolina Nuñez Tozzi

    It’s not their fault, It’s of CW all the programs of CW are in a break, I really don’t mind I still love this serie and I will watch their next episode.