Season 1 Episode 18 Salvation

Arrow Episode 18 "Salvation" Spoilers : Roy In Peril & A Flash Shout-Out!

Arrow Episode 18 "Salvation" Spoilers : Roy In Peril & A Flash Shout-Out!

New spoilers have emerged for tonight's all new episode of Arrow, episode 18 "Salvation" thanks to GreenArrowTV who scored a first-look at the episode! Check them out below.

Roy Harper In Peril!.. Roy, Colton Haynes has some great scenes with Thea (Willa Holland), plus the episode’s “Savior” bad guy, and he even has a scene with the Arrow which will hopefully result in him turning his life around.

Shado is back.. We get some more of Celina Jade as Shado in this one, and she might even get to kick some you know what. I’m really liking the team-up of Oliver, Slade, Yao Fei, and Shado on the island.

Quentin Lance Finds finally lets go of his grumpy boots? Quentin Lance start's hanging out at home with Laurel and her mother, his former wife… and he’s even shaved! He’s starting to by into the notion that Sarah could still be alive. Keep an eye out for some revelations to come from Dinah (Laurel’s mother), and a surprise discovery from Laurel. Phuket also gets a shoutout.

Moira's situation worsens.. Malcolm is still at it to finding out more about the hit that was put on him in “Dead To Rights,” and Moira is trying to keep herself and her family safe.

Oliver and Laurel back on?.. There's a nice reconnecting scene with Laurel in this episode. It could be that he learned a little about relationships from “The Savior,” or it could just mean he’s indecisive.

The Flash! The Flash gets a mention and so does his home town.

The episode airs tonight (Wednesday, March 27) on The CW.

Source: GreenArrowTV

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