Arrow Casting Spoilers: Jessica De Gouw To Play The Huntress

Arrow Casting Spoilers: Jessica De Gouw To Play The Huntress

Arrow has cast yet another DC comics hero to appear on the show. 'The Huntress' will make an appearance and will be played by Australian actress Jessica De Gouw.

She will appear in the seventh episode of the season titled 'Muse Of Fire' in a wide story-arc . The Huntress, who also goes by the name of Helena Bertinelli has been seen before in other short-lived DC live action shows which makes Arrow's adaption a fresh new take on the character.

The character, as described by the actress herself in comparison to Arrow (Oliver) 'comes from a very difficult upbringing. They’re her family, but I think she differs from them in her ideals and what she thinks is right,” she says. “It creates a conflict for her, whereas Oliver’s trying to do what his father wants. Helena is the opposite. It’s pretty bold; she has to be a bold person to follow through.” That is not to say they have nothing in common; Jessica seems to imply that they actually do come together with some similarities. “They come from such different backgrounds and circumstances, but I think there’s something very similar about them, and I think that’s where that attraction comes from,” she says. “They find something in each other that they can relate to, and they can appreciate.”

Helena/Huntress joins the wide list of DC heroes set to appear during the show including the likes of China White and Deadshot with many more to come.

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Make sure to catch the premiere of Arrow on Wednesday, October 10.

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