Arrow Casting Spoilers : David Anders Cast as New Villain!

Arrow Casting Spoilers : David Anders Cast as New Villain!

Yet another casting update has been made to The CW's smash-hit Arrow, with another new villain set to appear on the show.

David Anders, who garnered fame from CW's other blood-sucking hit "The Vampire Diaries." will play Cyrus Vanch, a new threat to Starling City. Vanch is a ruthless career criminal who is released from prison after a long stint.

Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is particularly invested in taking Vanch down. When she discovers that the police can't get him off the streets, she turns to the Arrow for help. Unfortunately, the cunning Vanch is one step ahead of them -- he's looking to take control of Starling City's criminal underworld, and in order to prove himself to the lowlifes, he's got a mind to eliminate Arrow himself.

Vanch is said to unlike any foe Arrow has ever faced.

Anders will first appear as Vanch in episode 13 "Betrayal".

Source : Zap2it

What do you make of this new casting spoiler update? Are you happy with the amount of villains the show is recruiting or do you want them to tone it down a little?