Arrow Spoilers: David Ramsey talks Diggle's secret, Ricardo Diaz and more

Arrow Spoilers: David Ramsey talks Diggle's secret, Ricardo Diaz and more

Arrow's David Ramsey opened up about Diggle's problem with drug abuse this season while also teasing what to expect from season 6's upcoming villain, Ricardo Diaz.

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On the complications he'll face from using drugs to nurse his injury: 

Big-time complications. You’re seeing Diggle in a different way, right? Diggle has always been kind of the bastion of integrity — I mean, this man wanted to go to prison over the guilt he felt over the Canary’s death and his brother’s death. He’s been the model of morality. And now all that stuff comes into question. I think it’s a good arc for Diggle and a good arc for the team, because what’s he’s doing will affect the whole team and his family. This will have a ripple effect that will be felt throughout the first part of the season.


The actor also addressed Lyla's reaction on his choice for suiting up as the Green Arrow: 

That's going to be interesting when Lyla comes back. She'll have something to say and will be none too pleased about the fact that her man is now someone else. He's not John Diggle.

Again, where we're taking this -- the mission being compromised, him compromising himself, him compromising his teammates by keeping up this charade -- speaks, again, to what he feels about this mantle. That will play itself out to his wife eventually, to his team eventually and, obviously, to Oliver. That's going to be a few episodes away. He gets to a place where his health is compromised. There will be a lot of problems with his choices. He's competent and capable as a leader but the drugs take their toll.


Moving forward, Ramsey shared that Diggle's choice not to trust his team will not bode well for him in the coming weeks: 

He doesn’t trust his team.

He doesn’t trust them enough to tell them what’s going on. It will get to the point where it becomes a life and death thing.


Ramsey on season 6 Big Bad, Ricardo Diaz.. 

On what kind of threat he'll present when he shows up:

Hmmm…. I almost said something that would give it away but… Ricardo Diaz ends up being someone very important to Diggle specifically. His thread plays out on a relationship with Diggle particularly.


On how Diaz is different from Tobias Church:

He was a street-level thug. There is a street element to Ricardo, but Ricardo is much bigger than Tobias Church, his tentacles are much longer. Tobias Church was really street-level.


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