Is 'Arrow' Season 5 streaming on Netflix?

Is 'Arrow' Season 5 streaming on Netflix?

Arrow, the DC series which follows the life of Oliver Queen and his team of vigilantes, is one of the popular shows on TV right now. If you’re interested in binge watching the show, this article should shed some information as to whether or not the series can be found on Netflix.

So to answer your question, we’re happy to bring the news that YES it is streaming on Netflix right now. However, season 5 is not yet up there.

Why? Keep reading to find out.

When will Season 5 of Arrow be on Netflix?

Here’s the thing, when the CW and Netflix closed a multi-year content licensing deal, it covered all scripted series airing on the network. That includes all superhero shows (Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash) as well as upcoming new series like Riverdale.

However, the deal has some limitations when it comes to shows that are still ongoing. Part of it only allows Netflix subscribers to watch the latest season only after the CW has aired its season finale. Another thing is, you will have to wait another 8 days before the full season arrives on the streaming network.  

In the case of Arrow Season 5, the show is still ongoing which means you’re gonna have to wait until it wraps up. Usually, fall TV shows like Arrow end during spring. To this end, the expected arrival of Arrow Season 5 on Netflix is probably in early June 2017.

That sucks a bit, we know. The waiting period can be annoying, but how about we look on the bright side? The previous seasons of Arrow (all 4) are already available for streaming on Netflix. While waiting for spring, this is probably the best time to go back and replay your favorite episodes from the past installments.

Each season is composed of 22-23 episodes anyway, so that will make up for five months waiting.

Take note that this information usually applies to Netflix US subscribers only. If you’re outside the US, you may check if the same thing applies to your location here.

Don't like waiting?

Where To Buy Arrow Season 5

At this part of this article, we can now talk about your other options. In the case of Arrow, there’s an option for you to purchase every episode and season of the series as you wish.

The latest episodes of Season 5 are currently available on Apple, Amazon, Google Play and Fandango. Just follow the links below to get started. Prices start at $2.99 per episode and $24.99 per season.