Army Wives Spoilers: Season 7 Intel Leaked -- Which Major Character Dies?

Army Wives Spoilers: Season 7 Intel Leaked -- Which Major Character Dies?

Army Wives season 7 intel was leaked! According to T\V Line, the inside scoop brings a major casualty to one of the series' regulars and the show is adding a number of new characters that will fill-in to the show's almost re-booted format.

The major character the report was referring to is Kim Delaney, who has played Claudia Joy Holden since the first season. The actress is confirmed not to reprise her role according to the show's Exec. Producer, Jeff Melvoin. On to the reason of her death, the EP adds that Claudia will be killed off in the seventh season premiere where she will be travelling overseas.

Moreover, the report discussed more new beginnings for the Lifetime series. We learned that three new female characters will be introduced, as well as a different setting will be formed. If you're an avud supporter, I hope you stick around a little longer cause I picked up a few spoilers about the upcoming seventh season. Go ahead and read them below!

Roxy, one of the series' originals will be back, adds the report. But,  she will not be a series regular.

However, fret not 'cause not all of them are sticking around for only guest starring appearences. Melvoin confirms that Catherine Bell (Denise), Wendy Davis (Joan), Alyssa Diaz (Gloria), Kelli Williams (Jackie), J.J. Soria (Hector) and Terry Serpico (Frank) are all back as series regulars. Ditto, Claudia Joy’s widower — Michael, played by Brian McNamara. 

As mentioned above, three new wives will emerge. Let's meet them now!

  • An “18-year-old farm girl from Illinois”
  • An African-American mother of three.
  • A drop-dead gorgeous bad girl named Maggie who is a member of the Airborne Division. She’s also on her second marriage.

A new setting inspired from a 2010 war documentary "Restrepo" --

“The war is winding down, but that doesn’t mean what they’re doing is any less dangerous or risky.”

The changes viewers can expect in season 7 --

“We’re trying to return to the show’s roots. The central conceit of the show is friendship that transcends rank [featuring] women from different walks of life and with very different outlooks. But it’s not going to be like you just flip the page and suddenly you’re looking at a different show… It’s the same show with some fresh new colors.”

'Army Wives' will return on mid-2013. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments! How do you feel about Kim Delaney leaving the series for good?