Army Wives Spoilers - Jeff Melvoin Interview

The shocking death of soldier Jeremy Sherwood (Richard Bryant), fatally wounded in the line of duty in Afghanistan on the March 27 episode of Army Wives, left not only the show's characters and fans shaken, but also the close-knit cast and crew.

Executive producer Jeff Melvoin shared some spoilers with the TV Guide:

"Some were angry. I explained, 'It's good that you feel that way, because that's what death means.'"

While the decision to kill Jeremy off wasn't an easy one, Melvoin says,

"We felt the time had come to do this — the show has been on for five seasons and never has there been a casualty of a close cast member. In addition to our obligation to entertain, it's great to bring attention to the sacrifice and commitment of military families."

Tonight, those Jeremy left behind are still struggling to move on, which is especially tough for Jeremy's parents, Lieutenant Colonel Frank and Denise Sherwood (Terry Serpico and Catherine Bell). Adds Melvoin:

"In trying to deal with their son's death, they have difficulty as a couple, which they overcome, but it's not an easy task."

Few additional spoilers:

  • The loss also reopens old wounds for Denise's closest friend, Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney), who sees visions of her oldest daughter, Amanda.
  • Pamela and Chase make a big announcement that may cause tears — but thankfully the joyful kind.