NBC's Aquarius Adds Grey's Anatomy, Awake Alum and Two More

NBC's Aquarius Adds Grey's Anatomy, Awake Alum and Two More

Aquarius has tapped Gaius Charles (Grey's Anatomy), Michaela McManus (Awake),  David Meunier (Justifed) and Chris Sheffield (The Last Ship) to join its cast. 

Here are the details of their roles: 

McManus will recur as Grace, Hodiak's ex-girlfriend and longtime family friend. She calls Hodiak in when her daughter, Emma, goes missing. Beside herself with worry, Grace is hoping that Hodiak can locate and return her "baby" to her, but she has no idea of the morass that Emma has sunken into.

Meunier will also recur as Roy, a menacing biker with a "personality to match." Manson's minion, not to mention his muscle, Roy backs his diminutive boss up violently when the occasion calls for it.
Sheffield, who next appears in MTV's Happyland, will play Hodiak's son.

Charles, who wrapped up his two-year Grey’s stint in May, will play Bunchy Carter, a former gang-banger who is now a fanatical Nation of Islam adherent whose hatred of the white man is evident.  He preaches his isolationist doctrine in the inner city — and those who don’t adhere to his teachings are routinely threatened and intimidated. He has a run-in with his old nemesis, Hodiak (Duchovny), who uses some harsh tactics to ensure Bunchy’s “cooperation.”

Aquarius (starring David Duchovny) is a 1960's set drama which follows a cop who goes undercover to track Manson's (played by Game of Thrones' Gethin Anthony) brood. It is set to launch in 2015 on NBC.