American Horror Story Spoilers: Who's the Mole?

AHS-Coven4Shoot, even witches got moles.

Although if Spalding (Denis O'Hare) hadn't made Madison (Emma Roberts) his corpse-doll, I would've assume she's the mole. (Rooting for ya, butler!)

Anywho, TV Guide has confirmed that a treacherous witch is living amongst them in the house of creeps. Read up below and deposit your conjectures in the comments!

There's a mole inside the coven who's actually a witch hunter! We'll learn his or her identity this week, but we already got a big clue as to whom is betraying the coven. Said person has already taken the life of a witch.

A promo for this week's episode titled "Axeman Cometh" is available for watching below, enjoy!