AHS ‘Coven’ Spoilers: Kathy Bates Teases Madame LaLaurie’s Worst Experiment

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October 16, 2013

american-horror-story-01Kathy Bates teases a gruesome storyline fans of Coven should watch out for this season. Bates portray the merciless witch of New Orleans, Madame LaLaurie on the FX drama.

Read on for the scoop the actress has shared with TV Guide:

“You learn a lot about her and some of the more dark aspects of her character and why she’s gotten her reputation,” she teases. Madame LaLaurie’s absolute worst experiment will be revealed in Episode 7 — and believe me, it’s much worse than the minotaur incident.

‘Coven’ airs every Wednesday at 9PM on FX.