American Horror Story Spoilers: Creator Teases What’s Ahead for Coven’s Men; Who’s Getting Laid?

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October 15, 2013

coven o'hareExec producer and creator Ryan Murphy talked about the male characters of American Horror Story season 3. If you’ve seen the pilot “Bitchcraft”, it seems that the season — Coven, is quite focused on its witchy-females. Apparently, that isn’t so true.

In a spoiler report from E! Online, Murphy has teased some arcs linked to Denis O’Hare and Danny Huston’s character that sounds pretty exciting. Read on for the scoop:

“It’s a different season in that it’s very, very female heavy,” Ryan Murphy explains, “but Denis O’Hare will speak, he eventually does.” We’re also hearing he’ll have a sex scene later in the season. As for Coven’s other men, Murphy spills, “The men stuff really kicks in around episode six, that’s when Danny Huston comes on board with a really great adult love story that I’m quite proud of.”

‘AHS:Coven’ airs every Wednesday at 9PM on FX.