American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 1 Bitchcraft” Guide

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September 11, 2013


Here’s the official guide of American Horror Story season 3 episode 1 “Bitchcraft”, airing on Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 10:00pm on FX.

  • A young girl, Zoe, is shattered to discover she possesses a strange genetic affliction tracing back to the dark days of Salem.
  • Zoe is whisked away to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a mysterious school in New Orleans devoted to safeguarding the few remaining descendants who share this unique bloodline.
  • Harboring a secret agenda, Fiona Goode, the most powerful witch of their generation, returns to town, reigniting old rivalries with the Coven’s deadly enemies, the Voodoo.

Written by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk; directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

Source: FX