Almost Human Spoilers: The Creators and Stars Preview the New Futuristic Cop Show

almost human new key artIn Fox's new futuristic cop drama Almost Human, Detective John Kennex is paired with android Dorian after returning to the force following an injury that left him with a synthetic leg. In 2048 Los Angeles, crime has risen 400%, criminal organizations run the city, and the police are so outnumbered they have to be paired with an android, like John is with Dorian.

TV Line spoke with executive producers J.J. Abrams (Lost) and J.H. Wyman (Fringe) and stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy for spoilers on what we can expect to see this season.

  • Dorian is almost as human as Kennex:

Unlike the newer model “synthetics” who accompany all of the other officers about their work, Dorian is indistinguishable from you or I. His emotional range, Ealy says during a visit to the set, “can go to very, very emotional to pretty stoic.” Yet let’s not forget: He’s hella strong and impervious to pain. “There are times, especially in action sequences,” Ealy notes, “where he’s just unstoppable.” Abrams adds that Ealy “is playing a character who is by design, literally, as brave and as knowledgeable and strategic as you would want your partner to be… But he’s also as altruistic and as considerate and empathetic as you would want.”

  • Kennex is not exactly thrilled about his robotic leg:

As we learn early on in the pilot, the injury that sidelines Urban’s character leaves him with a robotic leg. “While he appreciates technology… he still has a problem with the line between humanity and robotics or synthetics,” Wyman tells reporters. “His well-being now depends on this technology that he holds in contempt.”

  • An intriguing mystery surrounding Kennex’s missing ex-girlfriend will play out over the season:

In the pilot, the tortured cop recalls some very disturbing details regarding the love of his life. While her absence is certainly important to Kennex’s journey, Urban says, “We’re not letting the character be defined by that” — though it’ll be addressed in future episodes.

Almost Human's two-night premiere kicks off on November 17 at 8 pm. Are you excited to see this new show?