Almost Human Spoilers: How Dorian Is Different From Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Data

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August 12, 2013

almosthumandorianStar Trek: The Next Generation’s Naren Shankar has come aboard Fox’s new fall show Almost Human as an executive producer. And he says one of the things that attracted him to the show is how Almost Human’s Dorian is different from Data on ST:TNG. He gave spoilers to KSiteTV on how Dorian is in some ways even more human than Karl Urban’s human cop.

“On Star Trek, it was a little different, I feel,” Shankar says of the comparison. “For me, Data in Star Trek was really the story of Pinocchio. That was the wooden boy who wanted to become a real boy. And so, the storylines were all about ‘I want to understand dreaming this episode’ or ‘I want to have a child this episode.’ With Data, it was explicit that he wasn’t human, but wanted to understand humanity. In Almost Human it kind of got turned on its head a little bit, which is what I frankly found very attractive about this show,” he explains.

“You have a synthetic who is actually quite human, and in many respects, more human than the human, and the human has synthetic parts, so he feels a little bit disengaged and disconnected. And the notion of a robot actually teaching him how to become human was more interesting, because it wasn’t an issue of sentience with Dorian, where it was always ‘is he a living creature? Is he just a machine?’ with Data. We’re not really dealing with that, and I think as you see the relationship evolve, especially when you start exposing elements of Dorian’s backstory, which is going to happen immediately, I think you’re really going to see that this takes a very different trajectory,” he says.

Hey, ST:TNG fans, will you be watching Almost Human? The Fox show premieres on November 4.