Almost Human Spoilers: A Police Drama With Hope for Our Future

Fox’s fall sci-fi drama Almost Human features a violent future Los Angeles where human cops are paired with android partners. At the annual Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, the cast and producers shared spoilers for the show's upcoming season.

  • They're shooting for a mix of weekly crime stories and ongoing character arcs:

"This is a police drama. This is about hard-working, brave people on the front lines of a future that's just a stone's throw away, and we're hoping that people care about them,"  creator J.H. Wyman said of the series. "I'm more interested in knowing about these people's lives [a la] great shows like 'NYPD Blue.' Nobody ever dogged it for being episodic, because the characters were serialized. You really invested in the characters. That's what we're angling for here."

  • The subject of robot ethics will be explored. Dorian (Michael Ealy) is a machine but also a living, breathing, sentient being. Ealy said that he gives his android character a childlike innocence:

“The hardest things in playing Dorian is to act like I don’t have that and to bring that kind of innocence to him that he doesn’t have the experience, the life experience that Karl [Urban's] character has. So he’s fascinated with that, and he observes it, and he learns from it … For me, what it comes down to is this — I hate to simplify it ... but I tend to try and reduce Dorian sometimes to make him somewhat childlike in that he’s just innocent in terms of observing what’s going on around him.”

  • The pilot features a floating red ball – a nod to both Star Trek and Alias.
  • The tone and direction of the show is not of a dystopian future, but one of hope, where humans still have a chance:

“Most of these incredible novels or imaginings of the future are post-apocalyptic, very dark, and it seems to me that the writers who wrote them were saying, ‘Do you know what? Humanity [is] really messed up, and look at what we have to get out of,’ which is an interesting and very worthy topic, and I get it,” Wyman said. “But that’s not what I’m really interested in or writing about. I’m writing about that I believe in hope, and I believe that we are good. And I believe that we are smart, and I believe that we are going to stop anything terrible from happening. I believe that I want to tell those stories, that it’s not too late for humanity; that humanity has to deal with some incredible technological advances that double and triple and quadruple the dangers that we face as a society and as a human race. But I do think that we have the tools to deal with them. It’s just like, hey, technology is not bad. It’s how we use it … We want to tell stories about where the human race still has a chance, man.”

Enjoy these first look photos of the panel: stars Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Michael Irby, Mackenzie Crook, Lili Taylor and Minka Kelly in addition to executive producer Naren Shankar and creator/executive producer J.H. Wyman.

Almost Human premieres November 4 at 8 pm. Will you be watching?

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